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francisco. i was born in excels ori -- excelsior. i'm opposed to this. it would never work with excelsior merchants. i feel my rights have been violated because some dispensaries are non-profit and me that is low income depend on these non-profit organizations regards to a dispensaries that makes millions of dollars. it really helps me as a veteran. i like to believe that i served my country we may and hopefully my politicians can serve me in return. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is jerry goodman. i'm a member of access of love. i wasn't born here but i have lived here 45 years of my life. i went to balboa high which the around the corner from where they want to put up the dispensary. by me knowing that area pretty good, there is an alcohol store at least 3 houses in between each one going down all the way down mission street. so, whereas when i was a kid, all did you was go in there and just at the age of 18 and 17 you can go and buy alcohol without your id. now we are putting up dispensaries where we have security guards at these dispensaries which would help alleviate some of t
is oscar. i belong to access of love. i'm a native of san francisco. i was born in excels ori -- excelsior. i'm opposed to this. it would never work with excelsior merchants. i feel
community organizations come together the excelsior, oh my, incredible difference, and what the involvement of the city is in the neighborhoods. that is something i have been trying to work for for many years and get people working together. your work has been instrumental in that and i want to say thank you, and offer a commendation. i wish you all the best in your future endeavors, not retirement because you would do all of these great things come forward. i want to say thank you so much. apl (applause)thank you so much supervisor avalos. i'm not sure what my next that in my journey is but i feel i can would definitely be working in excelsior oh my, and the city of san francisco; my background is educator and architect. i believe in the potential of everyone. i work hard with our youth and adults that we work with and the staff and faculty, the best just to live up to their own potential. for us at out of sight, working to figure out what they care about and how to articulate it. the pieces, myself as an architect, i believe in community. out of sight is about building communities. i feel
-- injured in a drive had i boof shooting in the excelsior district on -- drive-by shooting in the excelsior district. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and two people were seen fleeing in a light-colored dodge. witnesses say the shooter was latino, in his 20s or 30s, wearing a -- a black hooded t- shirt. >>> coming up in about ten minutes, the improvements teachers say a school needs to keep the kids safe. >>> the los angeles times says the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect reportedly told investigators he and his brother planned the attack just a week before the race. the statement supports the theory the deadly attack was planned in a hurry. we're also learning the older brother was listed on the highly classified central database on people it views as potential terrorists. how, fbi sources say -- however, fbi sources say this is a very long list and this would not mean the government would automatically track him. >>> and federal investigators say the suspects triggered the bombs with a remote-controlled detonator. the officials spoke to the asso
and the excelsior district was [inaudible] or nothing. people say if you're going to open this business in six months you will sell socks on 20th and mission. take a look what i did in mission district. i built up that neighborhood so great. that's the best place now in san francisco. i never ever -- when i was 23 years on mission and i asked for police assistance. i used to have excellent, excellent security. any type of crime, anything stop. i was mentioned in 60 minutes with [inaudible]. i was invited to the white house by president regan, president bush, president clinton, president bush -- >> mr. ascarrunz, can i ask to you focus on the site and we have an important hearing coming up. >> yes. this is a simple operation. i am not opening this place because -- people don't leave me alone in the streets. we don't have a place to dance. we don't have a place for benefits, nothing. it's no more cesar latin plaz plaza -- >> this is about the liquor license. >> it's beer and wine only just from the place is very nice. it's a beautiful place. i am saving -- i talked to a lot of people
san franciscos excelsior district. a car smashed into a business just before to go this afternoon. it's severely damaged the building. nobody was hurt. the billing inspectors have yell ow tagged the building. the crash delayed muni service for a short time. >> a 30-year-old woman had a heart attack during today's half marathon in san francisco. she was revived by marry medics but remains in serious condition. it was the first are youing of the rock 'n' roll half marathon. the race had 500 runners. >>> land fill workers voted to strike this afternoon but have not revealed if they will walk of off the job in a land foil -- fill. concerns over work place safety triggered a strike last month. this time, the workers object to a new contract proposal that calls for cutting their pay by 50 cents per hour. >> another example of what is wrong with america. we have big, wealthy, powerful companies, that are supposed to be working in the public interest, and they seem to be benefiting the 1%, and workers said that's wrong ask they're going to do something about it. >> waste management told us th
to school at uc santa barbara. i have been in san francisco since 1989, have lived in the excelsior since 1999. the difficulty is, muni often sees it as an industrial area, not a neighborhood. we have to figure out how to make it work as a neighborhood and as a place that can service the light rail vehicles. i have had lots of different jobs. my main job has been doing social work for san francisco state university. i have been a community organizer, a social worker, but i have also been a legislative aide. i worked mostly for community- based organization supporting kids and families, working for labor. i got to see how city hall could be an effective tool to create change. i looked at running in 2007, 2008, and somehow i made it. i have been in politics for so many ways, doing work around central america, supporting people in central america against u.s. imperialism, their right to live, self determination. i did a lot of work on that on campus when i was in college. a bit of work on apartheid when i was in college as well. >> i never got involved in supporting a candidate. i never thou
community and outer mission neighborhood and excelsior neighbors and look at the bigger picture because this is not a problem that is going away. >> i could second that. >> that's exactly what i was hoping wouldn't be said here that we are kicking the can down the road. last year when this issue came before us, there were three dispensaries approved in the same day. and when tools are provided, you don't suggest where they can be. i don't necessarily feel it's the best process. >> i get exactly where you are. i would say that it was a unique situation at 3 at once. in other neighborhoods it's a lot more. that's where i struggle with. whenever we asked for was citywide tools and that's something we haven't gotten and i don't think that tension is going away in the near future. i really hope we can figure out something on it. i think that the members of the community were saying there were other option they had in mind and that something unique would be crafted in your neighborhoods that works for your neighborhood, i don't know. but another neighborhood suggested different threshold but
afternoon. my name is mel flores. i'm a 25 plus year resident of the excelsior. i'm a vice-president of the association and on behalf of that organization we have a letter that we have addressed to supervisor avalos. it says we would like to thank you to explain the legislation introduced by you. we appreciate being part of the decision making process. our membership voted unanimously to submit this letter with our views with regard to the legislation. while we understand the need and prove of the benefits, there are a few changes we feel are necessary to the proposed legislation prior to approval. we are unhappy with the proposed changes to the current requirement of the planning code regarding off street parking. specifically this section amending the planning code for commercial use is not required. we feel the wording should be stricken with the legislation and the current parking requirements be maintained. our primary concern is for the conservation of the neighborhoods character and recognition of conservation of this character is consistent with section 101.1 and
participate in the excelsior that is in the heart of the mission. in the collaborative one thing that we accomplished is putting together the process of strategic planning and envisioning for the community. and with various community meetings that involve over 15 organizations. and we put together with the help of supervisor avalos' office and the values of the community. and these are values that community members came to put together. i am going to continue for 15 more seconds. these were community engagement and empowerment, and neighborhood diversity and economic justice and healthy equality for all. all in all we got 23 proposals from committee members and we provided funding for 14 of those projects and we look forward to work together to keep the neighborhood vibrant. thank you. >> good evening, i am the executive director of inner city youth in district 11 and i represent the lake view (inaudible). the young people that we serve is 14-24. and are victims and perpetrates -- perpetrators of violence. they want us to bring up the focus in district 11 on jobs, and after-school progra
an opportunity to speak. i am aaron from excelsior district 11 and we are here for funding in balboa high school. and i want to give you numbers, balboa is a school of 1300. now there is no funding for after-school programs. and this year we were not renewed for 21st century funds or dcyf funds. and we have 397 students enrolled in the after-school program but no funding. when we had funding we were the top-rated as far as attendance. and kendall is one of the students that benefited from the program. and we had 10 to 15 depending on the semester of the programs. >> i am kendall, and i am senior at balboa school. i have been going to the after-school program at balboa for four years. it's been a big benefit to the community. a lot of my friends would not be graduating if not for the after-school program. they have cyber high that provides tutoring, and they have programs to excel in math. and they have teachers that come in and help us, actual math teacher and not just computers. in addition we have a bunch of programs. we recently launched a 3-d printing program that is bringing 3-d technology
of this neighborhood watch group. we had some really hard times back in 2008. we had a few homicides in the excelsior district, one that is very well known, the bologna homicides. these tragedies are horrible if nothing else but to help communities organize. nay street neighbors really did that. they looked out for one another. they reached out. they created relationships where perhaps they didn't exist before. they looked at their neighborhood and thought, how can we make this neighborhood safer? and they've done amazing things. they've done greening, they planted last month scores of trees in the neighborhood. they brought the community together around garage sales. they actually are holding a market that has not been really a good neighbor in the area accountable to the neighborhood, which is an amazing feat. all of this is done because they love their neighborhood. they are inspired by community. that's what brings them together. so, i want to call up linda and -- linda cook and patricia de font. (applause) >> now, they're both part of nay street neighbors. linda actually nominated the group, bu
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is in critical condition after being shot last night in san francisco excelsior district. police rushed to the scene of brazil avenue about 9:00 last night. we don't know how many times the man was shot but he was taken to san francisco general hospital with life threatening injuries. there is no word about any suspects. >>> deputies are hoping to find two robbery suspects by releasing a surveillance video. take a look. the first suspect is the man in the gray hooded sweatshirt. the second is the man outside the entrance in an orange shirt. now there is the man in the orange shirt. he is accused of trying to rob someone at gunpoint in the parking lot. the victim was able to run away. >>> is a man is recooperating after being hit by a vta train in san jose. fire views were called to north first street. they found a man in his late 50s trapped underneath the southbound train. the man was badly hurt but according. crews were able to rescue him without lifting the train. investigators will be looking at surveillance video to see what happened. >>> in just a few hours we will learn more abou
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)